Social Work

German society is multicultural and people from different backgrounds meet on a daily basis, in school, after work, in local communities, clubs and societies. This can lead to everyday incidents and misunderstandings. How can we promote the coexistence of different cultures despite their differences? Why do people behave in certain ways and not accept everything they are offered? How can we avoid conflicts on that basis? What can social workers and teachers do to promote cooperation between cultures and organise communal life successfully?

Open Cultures supports teachers, care workers, social workers and charity workers. We help them understand people from different cultures and their behavioural patterns in order to improve social relations. Our goal is to harmonise groups and communities in which people of different cultures live together, without them having to give up their individual cultures. We promote integration instead of assimilation, understanding and acceptance instead of forced acculturation.

What We Do

Each case is different. Our methods always conform to your individual needs. We offer consulting on intercultural processes, training and individual coaching to satisfy your particular needs.