Open Cultures supports teams through intercultural seminars with different focus points, according to your needs. We concentrate on the mutual sensitisation of employees. Greater knowledge and mutual understanding fortify team spirit and facilitate efficient cooperation. Internal cooperation can further be supported through additional conflict management.

Each participant is actively integrated into the training. Individuals can only develop intercultural competencies through direct engagement with personal experiences, questioning personal values and placing them in the systemic context. In this way, they can apply their intercultural knowledge in daily life. We use a variety of methods such as simulations, active exercises and short talks to get these lessons across.

Intercultural Awareness

Open Cultures strives to make people aware of their own background and of the multitude of other cultures. Understanding the existence of a variety of value systems forms the basis of successful cooperation in international teams. The training builds competencies in cross-national communication and transactions. In this way, participants develop an openness towards different work practices and negotiation styles, which is crucial for international cooperation based on trust.

Intercultural conflict management

Open Cultures helps teams solve conflicts based on intercultural differences. Employees learn to identify conflict situations, how they arise, and the different values and core assumptions that may lie at the base of a conflict. In this way, they are taught how to solve intercultural conflicts and avoid them in the future.

Intercultural team building

Open Cultures facilitates successful intercultural cooperation in international teams. It has been proved that mixed international teams can be far more successful and innovative than culturally homogeneous teams—if there is a good basis of trust, a shared set of rules and a good understanding of different work practices. Intercultural team building is especially recommended for starting new intercultural projects successfully.

Country specific intercultural training

Open Cultures transmits specific competencies for teams working in specific countries or regions. Country or region specific training can include lessons on local day-to-day life, differences in communication, keeping successful contact with clients, and the relationship with superiors.

We specialise in training regarding Italy and other Romance countries, especially France, Spain and Portugal, as well as training for people from other countries coming to Germany.