International Teams

If that is the case, you will face these or similar questions: Is successful cooperation possible between people with a Latin temperament, Scandinavian reserve, and German efficiency? How can we harmonise different conceptions of rules systems and deadlines, feedback and communication, factuality and emotionality? Can we achieve harmony without each losing their distinct identity—and still foster successful cooperation? These questions become all the more pressing when employees are in different locations and cooperation takes place largely online.

Open Cultures prepares international teams for the successful coordination of cultural differences in order to achieve effective results. Each should understand the cultural varieties within the team in order to use them as an asset, because different understandings of scheduling, time, priorities, costs and quality can’t fundamentally be changed. But employees can learn to manage them successfully, even in remote teams.

What We Do

Each case is different. Our methods always conform to your individual needs. We offer consulting on intercultural processes, training and individual coaching to satisfy your particular needs.