Cristiana Moschini Dubois

Why do I care about intercultural communications? First of all because of my personal background. I am Italian, from Mantova in Lombardy, and have lived in Germany since the early 1990s. Through my background in the mediterranean, romance culture and my life in Germany, I am especially sensitive to the cultural differences between these countries.

I expanded my personal experiences through my studies in communications, which provided me with a technical basis. Through my degree I realised how important and complex our communicative structures are, especially in international teams.

Over the past two decades I have applied these skills in a variety of ways: intercultural training, consulting, coaching for enterprises of different sizes, and other areas which require these competencies. I worked for an Italian textile company in international fashion sales for several years. I worked as an Italian language teacher and expanded my experiences through several projects in southern Africa.

My work with Open Cultures focuses on consulting, training and coaching. I work with a range of companies from different branches, and increasingly with representatives of the health and social sectors, where the cooperation between different cultures to establish a basis of trust is especially important.
Furthermore I teach intercultural communications as part of the Masters in Health Management at the Wiesbaden Business School. It is a great pleasure to work at the Hochschule Rhein-Main and share my experience and expertise with young people.